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Sergio Sánchez-Pagán

Founder of the Firm, Mr. Sánchez-Pagán is a litigator and trial advocate with fourteen years of experience concentrating in civil and commercial controversies.  He began his career in 2006 as a Judicial Clerk for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s Court of Appeals, where he honed his research and writing skills.  Following, he became an Associate in the Litigation Department of a top Puerto Rico firm.  Therein, he participated in high profile cases in state and federal courts, defending clients in class actions, multimillion-dollar construction lawsuits and also prosecuting small business foreclosures.  For three years, in addition to trial advocacy, Mr. Sánchez-Pagán engaged in appellate practice, where he continued developing the skill of persuasion through legal writing.

In 2010, Mr. Sánchez-Pagán opened the Firm as a solo practitioner.  Jointly with each client, he designed and developed litigation strategies for each case that were both thorough and cost-effective.  With the successful implementation of these strategies, Mr. Sánchez-Pagán has and continues to deliver the client’s desired results.  This experience in solving commercial disputes has also afforded him insight for business advice and counsel, which has served positively during contract negotiations and settlement transactions.  In addition to litigation, Mr. Sánchez-Pagán is a Notary with experience in real estate transactions, including transfers of titles and mortgages.


With the team, Mr. Sánchez-Pagán continues to pursue the highest standards of excellence at the service of each client.

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